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  • Pastor Bashir Alam: Pakistani Christian writer

    Pastor Bashir Alam is a prolific Urdu writer. He has made noteworthy contributions to Christian Urdu literature and is accredited to writing many articles, columns and books. His writings include Sila-e-Nijjat and Suchi Kahaniyan. He has produced a collection of sermons and compiled in book form and a lot of his articles focus on important […]

  • Dr. Liaquat M Qaiser – Pakistani Christian Educationists

    Professor Doctor Liaquat M Qaiser was born in Lahore and after completing his seminary training, he went on to the USA to get a doctorate degree. He is a renowned Christian theologian, sought after convention speaker and acclaimed writer. He has also served as church administrator. Dr. Liaquat Qaiser is currently the principal of the […]

  • Christian girl in Uganda Gang-raped

    The 17 year old daughter of a pastor was gang-raped by five Muslim men in eastern Uganda. The crime took place because allegedly the pastor had ignored warnings to stop worship services. The girl was approaching the church building of New Hope Church at about 7 30 pm where she was caught by the group […]