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  • Italian Parliamentarian takes notice of Petition for Sawan Masih

    In response to the viral petition that is being signed from all over the world for the release of Sawan Masih, Italian Parliamentarian for the Democratic Party Paolo Petrini sent an open message to Adan Farhaj President of Federation of Pakistani Christian Associations Italy and Overseas Coordinator All Pakistan Christian League.

  • Hate > Human lives: Sawan Masih

    Today Sawan Masih an innocent Pakistani Christian sweeper was sentenced to death under the allegations that he had blasphemed against Prophet Muhammad after waiting for an year for a verdict. This took place after Sawan Masih and his Muslim friend got into an argument. What better way to win the argument then to blame the […]

  • UK Attorney General asks Pakistan to protect minorities

    Britain’s Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP has said that it’s the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to protect its religious minorities from persecution by the extremist groups through vigorous action against those who perpetrate crimes in the name of religion and sects against Pakistanis. Speaking in the Houses of Commons at a reception organised […]

  • Round Table Discussion on Blasphemy Laws in Italy

    All the Associations of Pakistani Christians resident in Italy, during the Week of Christian Unity, have organized a Round Table to discuss Blasphemy laws and the added clause of death penalty in Pakistan as the only possible punishment recommended by the Federal Shariat Court. The roundtable is to be held on January 21, 2014 at […]

  • Another Hero Lost- Group Captain Cecil Chaudhry Dead

    Another Hero Lost- Group Captain Cecil Chaudhry Dead

    Cecil Chaudhry born on 27 August 1941,Dalwal, Punjab, British India, now Pakistan was a Pakistani Christian, academic, human rights activist, and veteran fighter pilot. As a Flight Lieutenant, he fought in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 and later, as a Squadron Leader, in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. During the 1965 war, Chaudhry and three […]

  • A disappointed Pakistani Christian

    A disappointed Pakistani Christian

    Dear Pakistani Muslims, Pakistan has been hell for my family and I. Yes, we get Christmas and have a few churches here and there and attend the same schools as the rest of you, but life as Christian minorities has been torture for us. I had to carpool  in a public van to a convent school that […]

  • Good Friday, Lets Move A Step Ahead.

    Good Friday, Lets Move A Step Ahead.

    The Gospel httpv:// On Good Friday, Let us go a step ahead, Let us begin with the job assigned to us before it is too late. Lets not remain standing at the cross in gratitude. But lets carry that gratitude in our hearts and GO! as He asked us. He is no longer on the […]