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Blasphemy commotion: Asia Bibi’s lawyer feeling insecure, fears his car was being followed


One of Asia Bibi’s defense counsels Khalil Tahir Sindhu, has expressed fear that his car was being followed after yesterday’s hearing. He said that after the postponement, he feels insecure and worried. Kahlil Tahir who also holds the office of Punjab’s Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs has been keenly following Asia Bibi’s case.

Asia Bibi's blasphemy case

Anticipating mob violence, security was already beefed up in order to thwart vehemence from the charged crowd. On the other hand, Islamabad Police harbored serious concerns that violence will erupt if Asia Bibi was acquitted. It was being feared that the fanatics will uncoil relentless reprisal against the judges and Christian lawyers involved in this case. Seeing the situation, above 100 police personnel in riot gear were stationed at the court while hundreds of them were assigned with the task of patrolling.

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Previously, Khalil Tahir S. has had to face precariously dangerous situation for being associated with this case. “People were outside my home taking snaps but I don’t feel any fear because I have a faith in God. They can kill my body but not my soul and not my dreams,” he said while adding, “It was published in the international newspapers.”

He had represented Asia Bibi in the High Court, and is again representing her in the Supreme Court of Pakistan along with another lawyer. Khalil Tahir also explained: “Right now she is behind bars. She has not seen, unfortunately, the Sun or the Moon this year.” He illuminated Asia Bibi’s fervent faith in Lord Jesus Christ saying: “She is very, very strong in her faith. There were so many attempts to convert her but she said ‘no – I will remain faithful’ and she has remained faithful.”