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  • Persecuted Christian’s message to the West and the UNHCR

    VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED interviewed a Pakistani Christian his name has been withheld for security purposes who has endured extreme persecution. He is now in Bangkok trying to survive, as a Christian asylum seeker. We asked him to give a true account of the reality of life for Christians in Pakistan. He tells us the cause of the extreme persecution against them and […]

  • You are not alone Christian community of ludhiana India

    ::Peaceful protest and candle light vigil  by Christian community of ludhiana India :: protest in ludhiana city against bomb blast in Peshawar Pakistan in which take more then 80 people  lives and hundreds got injured ,   Peaceful  protest at rakh bagh fountain, in the front of guru nanak stadium on 23th of sep in […]

  • Christians In Pakistan Urged To Pray For Syrian People

    LAHORE: Pakistani Bishops urge Christians in Pakistan to continue to pary and fast for Syrian people. According to details, Pakistani Bishops expressed their concerns for the Syrian people saying, “We pray for peace in Syria, together with Pope Francis. As Christians, who wish and work for peace, we hope that there is no more violence […]

  • No Difference Between Animals and Pakistani Christians

    Personal reason and personal revenge take one more life in Karachi Pakistan in the name of blaspheme A Christian Killed by throat cutting in Pakistan on accusation of blasphemy Karachi: September 17, 2013. Boota Masih aged 50, working as Niyaria (Gold scrap collector from drain) at Liaquatabad Jewelers Market from last 40 years was brutally […]

  • I Am Thankful To God For Persecution, Says Bishop Akram Gill

    LAHORE: Christians should be thankful amid persecution because of their faith. According to details, Bishop Akram Gill- leader of one of Pakistan’s largest Pentecostal Churches says,” I am thankful to God for persecution after I and other Church members were attacked by violent Muslims, with police refusing to intervene.”

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