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  • I Am Thankful To God For Persecution, Says Bishop Akram Gill

    LAHORE: Christians should be thankful amid persecution because of their faith. According to details, Bishop Akram Gill- leader of one of Pakistan’s largest Pentecostal Churches says,” I am thankful to God for persecution after I and other Church members were attacked by violent Muslims, with police refusing to intervene.”

  • Pakistani Christian Hero – News Anchor “Sara Alfred”

    Pakistani Christian Hero – News Anchor “Sara Alfred” Sara Alfred is the first Christian news anchor and morning show host of Pakistan. She worked in top most channel Geo News as News anchor/host/Producer. And She worked at Dunya tv, Aaj tv, Waqt Tv and currently at ARY news as Senior Anchor/Sr.Producer Sara Alfred Lives in […]

  • Extremists Issue Death Threats Against Peter Youngren

    Indonesian Muslim extremists have demanded that the government cancel Peter Youngren’s gospel festival in Makassar, Indonesia, threatening to respond with riots and killings. Makassar is the largest city in southern Sulawesi and home to the 2.6 million-strong Makassar people with less than 500 gospel believers. One team member was told in front of a large group of Muslim leaders, […]

  • The Minorities Day is being observed on Sunday (today)

    The government had declared August 11 as minorities’ day in 2009 by the efforts of then minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti who was shot dead in the country’s capital in 2011. The day signifies Quaid-e-Azam’s speech to Constituent Assembly on August 11 1947 in which he had said, “You may belong to any religion or caste […]

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