The facts and evidences of struggle lead to file FIR against security guard.

For Discussing Christian Customs; Young Christian Boy Lost His Life.

While talking about Easter holidays and fasting in Christian custom 22 years old Christian Sunny Hyder was shoot down by an extremist security… more »

Lawyers Fighting Blasphemy Case Receive Death Threats In Courtroom

Lawyers Fighting Blasphemy Case Receive Death Threats In Courtroom

Two lawyers, Rashid Rahman and Allah Dad, said to the judge supervising the case of Junaid Hafeez, a teacher by profession, who is… more »

Asia Bibi with her daughter; who are waiting to be with their mother again.

Third Postponement Of Asia Bibi’s Case; Islamic Extremists Threats To Judges Continues

High Court began proceedings, only to postpone Asia Bibi’s trial against her death sentence. Next date for case’s trail might be stated today.… more »

Protest for Asia Bibi's freedom

Date Fixed For The Next Court Trial Of Asia Bibi.

On April 14 Asia Bibi will emanate before the Honorable Mr. Justice Sardar Tariq Massod and Mr. Justice Abdula Sami Khan for final… more »

kiddnapped, converted, married

700 Christian Women Kidnapped Yearly, Forced Into Muslim Marriages In Pakistan

A union of organizations, together with the Pakistani bishops’ justice and peace commission, has found in their study that approximately 700 Christian girls… more »

Interfaith Intolerance Increasing In Pakistan

Christians In Pakistan: Facts That Go Unnoticed By Western Media: Unnoticed Or Ignored

As reports begin to surface in the media about Pakistan’s Islamic state, there are facts that are under reported or ignored. While the… more »

Inter-faith harmony in need of the time.

CRM Apprehensive About Rising Religious Fanaticism In Pakistan

Coalition for the Rights of Minorities (CRM), an association of civil society organizations working for security of minorities’ rights, has articulated serious anxiety… more »

Couple was tortured to accept accusation over them.

Pakistan Christian Couple Plea Over Death Sentence Verdict To Them.

A Christian couple verdict to death for blasphemy text messages last week by a Pakistan court has filed a petition in Lahore High… more »


Minority report: A matter of faith

Minority report: A matter of faith     KARACHI: As he cites the example of that case that happened in 2008 when two young… more »

Protest against Pakistan's Blasphemy Law.

Christians Protests On Exploitation Of Blasphemy Laws

Christian from Youhanabad and neighboring areas on Sunday held a peaceful protest against the exploitation of the Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. The protesters commanded… more »