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Grief-stricken father of Christian rape victim sees “no hope for justice”


Dejected father of a 16-year-old Christian girl, sexually assaulted by Muslim men, says he is not hopeful of justice. Nasar Masih says the rapist has the backing of local political leadership of the area, and “Obviously the police will not implicate them,” he claims. He says that the police will eventually, show partiality in this case and favor the culprit.

Teenage Christian girl gang raped in Pakistan

16-year-old student, Sonia Nasar sexually assaulted by Muhammad Iqrar, 23 and accomplices on July 7. Nasar recalls, that he heard his daughter’s cries and broke into Iqrar’s house and found Sonia in a critical condition while the rapist fled seeing the Christian family.

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“I was home when the incident took place. Sonia tried to set herself free and shouted for help but we failed to hear her as the doors were closed. However, as we eventually heard her cries we rushed and stormed into Iqrar’s house. Seeing us, Iqrar fled from the scene leaving Sonia in a critical situation,” Nasar Masih told WWM.

The incident was followed by outcry from the Pakistani Christians who demanded justice for the victim. Nonetheless, disconsolate Nasar says even though there is substantial evidence against the rapist, he is not certain that Iqrar will be pronounced guilty. “I don’t have much hope for justice,” he said while adding, “Even forensic reports can be interfered with, and if Iqrar isn’t jailed he will be free to harass us as their house is so near to ours.”

He claims that police is trying to fabricate another version of the story in order to free Iqrar from the charges of rape. “Efforts are underway to portray Sonia and Iqrar as being in a relationship,” he said. In a statement Iqrar said that he and Sonia were in a relationship and talked on the phone. While denying this allegation, he said, “Sonia has no cell phone and this is just another effort to mislead people and influence the police investigation,” he clarified.