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Indonesia: Persecuted Christians request for prayers as Islamic extremism increases


Indonesian Christians

Harassed Christians in Indonesia urge for prayers as they fall into trouble amid increased anti-Christian violence.

In keeping with details, followed by attacks from Islamic extremists and churches being burnt down, Christians are now asking for prayers. The extremists set on fire three churches in Indonesia’s Aceh province. Recently, a message on social media calling upon all Muslims to desecrate the churches in Aceh provoked widespread anti-Christians violence in the Indonesian province. This message came from Muslim extremists said that the churches are not licensed to function.

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President of Open Doors USA-David Curry issued a statement to the Mission News Network, said that people should support and pray for the Christians who are facing persecution in Aceh. In one of the three incidents of churches set on fire, a Christian died while trying to prevent the assailants from burning the church.

“Muslim extremists have been spreading a viral message about ‘here’s what’s happening in churches’ and sort of stirring up dissension. With all of the technology available, there’s more opportunity for people to stir up dissension, and now you have this incident in Indonesia, where this church was burned down.”

The Indonesian President Joko Widodo urged the masses on Twitter urging them to stop the anti-Christians violence in Aceh Singkil. He said such extremist acts will tarnish Indonesia’s diversity.

On the other had, it has been reported that President Widodo has shown inclination towards the extremists, and has been too indulgent on them. The World Evangelical Alliance’s reported last month, that the Indonesian government has failed to exert sufficient attempt to guard religious minorities from persecution. Despite, he has been indulged in taking steps to create religious tolerance in his country, yet he has not taken strict action against the Islamic extremists.