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Iraqi Christians Persecuted By IS Help Yazidis Ungoing Same Torment


ERBIL: Christians suffering from IS brutality extending help towards Yezidis who are under going same torment as them.

Persecuted Christians help Yazidis
Persecuted Christians help Yazidis

Chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization Mirza Ismail and other Yazidi leaders visited Washington, D.C. thus revealed the fact that persecuted Christians are helping Yazidis. According to reports, “the Yezidis receive support from the Christians, who also suffer under IS.”

Syriac Catholic Bishop Barnaba Yousif Habash says,“We cannot be Christian but to serve the other. We cannot be Christian but to be for the other. … Their situation is considered worse than ours.” “They do not even have this,” he said, holding a glass of water: IS cut off water supply to Christian and Kurdish communities they do not control. “There is no power. There are no hospitals. There are no doctors. There is no peace, no security,” he said.