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ISIS burns a Christian girl alive: Moments before breathing her last she uttered “Forgive Them”


The Islamic State Fighters purportedly set house of a Christian on fire after the Christian resident refused to them Jaziya. The incident took place in Iraq’s Mosul where the terror outfit Islamic State has declared its caliphate. As a result of the torching the girl who was inside the house was burnt alive and succumbed to the burns.

Atrocities carried out by ISIS against Christians

The ISIS militants were on their routine house-to-house collection of Jaziya campaign. When the militants arrived at the poor Christian girl’s house, they demanded the Jaziya but her mother pleaded them to wait for a while so that she could gather the money. Notwithstanding, the ISIS militants stormed into her house and set it on fire, however, they were aware that the woman’ daughter was still inside.

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After the house caught fire, they fled but the woman and her daughter got stuck inside, after a tiring effort both of them managed to escape from the flames, however, the girl was severely burnt until then. The wretched mother held her dying daughter in her arms in a desperate state knowing she is breathing her last. The girl who could barely breathe by now, uttered “Forgive Them,” and gave up her soul. This was just one of the gruesome real life stories of the horrific sufferings of Christians living under ISIS’ rule.

This heart-wrenching testimony was narrated at the at the #WeAreN2016 International Congress on Religious Freedom in New York City few days back from April 28 till 30. Christian victims of persecution, church leaders, rights activists, missionaries, and ambassadors had assembled to brief the world leaders about the ghastly atrocities Christians are undergoing which are being blatantly ignored by much of the world. In the face of the gruesome persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the US Secretary of State John Kerry had also acknowledged that a systematic genocide of Christians is taking place in Middle East.