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Karachi: Landlord’s son sexually assaults 5-years-old daughter of Christian tenant


A 5-years-old Christian girl sexually assaulted by son of her landlord. Following the atrocity, the alleged rapist and his father withheld the parents of the victim from lodging a police complaint of the incident. The 22-years-old rapist who is son of an influential Muslim has so far not been hooked owing to the partiality displayed by the police.

Christian girl raped in Karachi

The incident took place in Karachi’s Korangi Dhayee, in the jurisdiction of Zaman Town Police Station. The landlord purportedly barred the Christian couple from reporting the incident to the police for seven days. Because of the harassment, parents of the victim were unable to acquire a medical report of their daughter who was sexually assaulted.

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As a result of lack of medical report, there is no substantial proof of the assault. The influential landlord and his rapist son hurled threats at the Christian family stating that entire family of the victim will face dire consequences if action is taken against the culprit.

Followed by odious brutality Sarwar Bhatti-President of All Pakistan Christian League Italy chapter condemned the incident in strongest possible words. Sarwar Bhatti in his statement urged Pakistan government to look into the incident and carry out unbiased investigations. He demanded that the rapist should be detained and brought to justice in accordance with the penalties prescribed in legislation.