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Mandi Bahauddin: Extremists issue fatwa of a Christians’ death over blasphemy accusations


A Christian youngster has been accused of committing blasphemy in Punjab’ Mandi Bahauddin District. The religious extremists have issued a fatwa asking for death of the Christian boy over blasphemy charges. Saleem Iqbal-National Director of Care Council for Human Rights reports that the area’ religious fanatic have decreed that the Christian lad is worthy of death.

Christians persecuted in Pakistan

The incident took place in Chak 44; a nearby village of Bosaan area in Gojra Police Station locality in District Mandi Bahuddin, Punjab. The fanatics accused that the Imran Masih- a Christian resident had committed blasphemy, and therefore should be punished fittingly.

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This is not all; in their fanaticism the extremists seek to take revenge from all the local Christian residents and have threatened all the Christians of Chak 44. The fanatics have threatened to burn down houses of all the Christian residents of the village. They intimidated the Christians saying after the Jumma prayers (Friday prayer).

These threats have generated widespread fear among the locality’ Christians. They have urged the authorities and leaders of the country to take action immediately in order to ward off violence against the local Christians or reprisal from the agitated mobs.