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Pakistani Christian lawyer and rights activist goes hiding after surviving fiendish attack


Prominent Pakistani Christian lawyer and human rights activist Sardar Mushtaq Gill has gone into hiding after being threatened of serious consequences. Moreover, there are serious concerns for the security of his family as well.

Pakistani Christian lawyer threatened

Sardar Mushtaq Gill id National Director of Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD), he and his team have been actively providing legal assistance to the persecuted Pakistani Christians. Advocate Gill’ life is at serious risk owing to his efficacious service towards the Christian community of Pakistan. Previously, he had been expressing serious concerns regarding his security, and has been seeking protection from the authorities.

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Before going into hiding he had been claiming that militants, extremists and criminals had been directing threats at him, warning him to stop proving legal cushion to the battered Christians in Pakistan. Despite seeking protection from the authorities, he was never provided security from the authorities.

In a statement issued by LEAD, it has been revealed that Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill is at serious risk as he has been imperiled by his service for Pakistani Christians. The statement said, that the Christian “goes in hiding after physical attacks and life threats because of his human rights work for victims of blasphemy laws, victims of mob violence, victims of forced conversion to Islam and victims of forced into Islamic marriages and rape victims.”

“He is Christian rights lawyer who risks his life for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights for all in Pakistan and boldly criticizes the misuse of blasphemy laws against religious minorities particularly against Christians in Pakistan,” LEAD stated in a public release. Previously, there was an attempt to kidnap his family members, who barely escaped the occurrence.