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Phul Nagar: Armed assailants attack Christians’ neighborhood, torture residents


Christians attacked by armed assailants in Phul Nagar, District Kasur in Punjab Province. Details emerged that the Christians had been attacked followed by a dispute between Christian and Muslim teens. The assailants had brutally bashed Christians, leaving them severely injured.

Attacks on Christians in Pakistan

In keeping with details, the attack was launched as vengeance after Afaq Masih, son of Pulus Masih got engaged in a brawl with Shani, a Muslim man. Afaq Masih, is a Christian teen is resident of the neighborhood attacked by the assailants. Shani had purportedly snatched Afaq’s mobile phone, which landed both of them in a punch-up.

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The alleged assailants identified as Hafiz, Hamza, Saghar, Asif Jamil, Shani, Kashi, Mazhar and others stormed into the Christians’ neighborhood and stated harassing and threatening the local Christians. Local Christians claim there were 21 assailants, who has perpetrated the attack.

The armed men pitilessly, bashed every person who came in their sight on the streets. What is more they stormed into the houses of Christians and stated beating the Christians. They also resorted to aerial firing, therefore, causing terrors and harassment in the entire neighborhood.

The attackers did not spare Christian women, and beat them also. Consequently, Christians informed the incident to the local police, therefore an FIR (First Information Report) was lodged at the Police Station City. The attackers have not been arrested so far, as Christians complain police are unwilling to hook them because of their ties with a religious out-fit.

Expressing deep concerns about the situation and security of the Christians in the neighborhood, Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill stated: “Christians are most vulnerable community in Pakistani society. Based upon trivial disputes they are being attacked, tortured all this because of the lack of implementation of rule of law.”

He went on to explain: “Such extremists have their ties with Islamic militants group which encourage them to persecute Christians, therefore, the government must provide security to the victims.” Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill who heads LEAD- an advocacy group urged the government to ensure security of the residents of the Christian neighborhood, so that more attacks may be prevented in future.