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  • Paris offering to welcome Asia Bibi’s family

    Paris has offered to welcome the family of Asia Bibi- an international newspaper reports. In keeping with details, an international newspaper has published a report in which Asia Bibi is quoted saying that Paris has offered to house her battered family. According to a message from Asia Bibi; which was conveyed by her husband Ashiq […]

  • Another chehlum scheduled of Mumtaz Qadri: Authorities get alarmed

    The Capital administration and Capital city police approached the family of Mumtaz Qadri after learning that they had been planning for another chehlum for him. There were reports that Mumtaz Qadri’s family and villagers had planned to hold a chehlum on April 10, Sunday. Seeing the previous perilous situation which was resulted by last chehlum, […]

  • Asia Bibi is now in good health says, her lawyer

    Blasphemy accused, Pakistani Christian woman Asia Noreen Bibi who is on a death row, is reportedly in good health. In keeping with details, Advocate Saif-ul-Malook-the Defence counsel of Asia Bibi and Ashiq Masih her husband recently paid a visit to Multan’s women’s prison where Asia Bibi is confined. Botth the men, met with Asia Bibi […]

  • Justice lingers while Asia Bibi spends days in hell like torment

    Life behind the bars is never easy especially for the blasphemy respondent Christian woman Asia Bibi. A recent report portraying her hell-like life in prison reveals some chilling facts which it hard to imagine her plight. The block in Multan Central Jail where Asia Bibi is kept houses 42 murderers, 30 drugs addicts, 21 robbers, […]

  • Father of Asia Bibi granted permission to meet her in jail

    Asia Bibi’s father allowed to meet her in prison. According to details, the Lahore High Court has accepted the request made by Soran Masih, Asia Bibi’s father be able to visit her in prison. TH Lahore High Court accepted Soran Masih’s request on August 24. Previously, Soran Masih had fuled an application before the Lahore […]