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  • Appeal of Asia Bibi Disappeared From Lahore High Court

    A Pakistani court that was scheduled to hear the appeal of Asia Bibi, poor Christian woman of five children who faces death sentence under blasphemy, has been ordered not to proceed with the case, the catholic world news service reports. After a number of rescheduling, the Bibi appeal has vanished from the docket of the […]

  • Date Fixed For The Next Court Trial Of Asia Bibi.

    On April 14 Asia Bibi will emanate before the Honorable Mr. Justice Sardar Tariq Massod and Mr. Justice Abdula Sami Khan for final arguments. Assuming from the recent verdicts made against individuals accused beneath the blasphemy law, it is not looking probable that the verdict against Asia will be promising. On April 4, a Christian […]

  • Asia Bibi New Hearing Expected On Wednesday 26 March

    After two postponed trails, the appeal for Asia Bibi, a Christian woman fallaciously charged and sentenced to death for blasphemy is ready for hearing on Wednesday 26 March. Head of her defense team Christian lawyer Naeem Shakir, is preparing the fact and details for the defense with the objective to prove that “the charges against […]

  • Asia Bibi’s Petition To Be Heard By Lahore High Court

    Spending more than four years in jail Lahore High Court judges will finally hear Asia Bibi’s petition on March 17. Without trial on the basis of the tarnished “blasphemy law” the Pakistani Christian was verdict to death. Asia Bibi, a mother of five was arrested in 2009 on charges of offending Muslim’s Muhammad and then […]

  • Blasphemy Sentence: Asia Bibi’s Petition Yet To Be Heed

    Asia Bibi petition against her blasphemy conviction was fixed for trail on February 14, three years after it was submitted, but court didn’t took it in. Her criminal appeal number is 2509/10 ‘Mst Aasia Bibi vs The State’ and murder reference 614/10 ‘State Vs Mst Aasia Bibi w/o Ashiq’ was fixed for trails before the […]

  • “Inconsistent Evidence” Yet Asia Bibi Convicted Of Blasphemy

    LAHORE: Asia Bibi convicted of blasphemy despite the fact of incompatible evidence.  In accordance with the details, Asia Bibi’s convicted for blasphemy yet the evidence provided was contradictory. Seeing the doubtful inconsistency in the case the court may annul the death sentence awarded to her previously if otherwise not acquitted from the charges.

  • Security Of Asia Bibi On High Alert After DI Khan Prison Break

    MULTAN: Security of blasphemy accused Asia Bibi on high alert followed by DI Khan jail break by militants.   Since Dera Ismael Khan’s jailbreak heaved up alarms about the general security at the country’s prisons, however, amid these rising concerns Asia Bibi accused of blasphemy fears for her life more than before. Previously, she was shifted […]

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