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  • Father of Asia Bibi granted permission to meet her in jail

    Asia Bibi’s father allowed to meet her in prison. According to details, the Lahore High Court has accepted the request made by Soran Masih, Asia Bibi’s father be able to visit her in prison. TH Lahore High Court accepted Soran Masih’s request on August 24. Previously, Soran Masih had fuled an application before the Lahore […]

  • Asia Bibi Suffering From Internal Bleeding, Vomiting Blood

    Blasphemy accused 50-year-old, Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi in need of urgent medical treatment. Asia Bibi’s health is deteriorating while she continues her imprisonment. There have been multiple credible reports claiming that she needs urgent medical attention because of critical health problems. According to, Bruce Allen of Forgotten Missionaries International: “She’s suffering from internal bleeding. […]

  • Supreme Court Stays Execution Of Asia Bibi

    LAHORE: The Supreme Court stays the execution of Asia Bibi on blasphemy charges. According to latest updates, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has stayed execution of Asia Bibi on blasphemy charges. The full bench of Supreme Court ordered in today’s hearing issued orders to stop implementation of death sentence till next order. Asia Bibi was […]

  • Death Or Life: A Last Chance For Asia Bibi

    LAHORE: Last chance for Asia Bibi as the next court hearing will decide the blasphemy convict’s fate. According to details, a court hearing has been set for Asia Bibi on July 22, in Lahore. Asia Bibi’s defence counsel Saif ul Malook confirmed that the case is due to be heard, which is basically an appeal […]

  • Bounty of $5,000 Announced For Anyone Who Kills Asia Bibi

    According to an international news agency details, 54 year old Ashiq Masih husband of Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi –a blasphemy convict said a bounty has been announced for anyone who would kill her. Asia Bibi, a 50 year old Pakistani Christian woman is sentenced to death by Pakistani courts over blasphemy charges under the […]