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  • PTI Celebrates Interfaith Harmony Day

    PTI celebrated Interfaith Harmony Day at Azadi Square yesterday October 19, 2014. Imran Khan assured the Minorities of Pakistan that their rights will be protected as per Quaid-e-Azam’s promise. Christians, Hindus, Sikh and from Kalash Valley Communities had their representatives among others on PTI stage last night. People from all religions showed great love and […]

  • What Does Pakistani Law Says About Divorce For Christians

      DIVORCE UNDER THE CHRISTIAN LAWS Divorce Act, 1869 is relating to the divorce of persons professing the Christian religion, and to confer upon certain Court jurisdiction in matters matrimonial. There are three modes described for seeking Divorce: Dissolution of Marriage Nullity of Marriage Judicial Separation Dissolution of Marriage (Section 10 of the Divorce Act, […]

  • Radical Groups Oppose Marriage Of A Christian With A Muslim

    (NOTE: Real names of the characters have been withheld) A young couple from Lahore, a Christian boy Zeeshan and a Muslim girl Rabia, both college students, were seized in Karachi by a group of Islamic extremists who intend to oppose to their marriage. According to reports, the two got married according to Muslim rite (the […]

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