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  • Thailand: A Pakistani Christian woman dies in detention center

    A Pakistani Christian woman seeking asylum in Thailand expires in the detention center owing to pathetic conditions in the detention center. According to details, 30-year old, Pakistani Christian woman Samina, who had fled persecution in Pakistan and reached Thailand in pursuit of asylum passes away while in detention. Samina was arrested by the Thai authorities […]

  • Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand face increased oppression

    Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand face continuous oppression. According to details, Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand landed in trouble when they were caught up in a crackdown by the Thai authorities. Thai authorities allege that these Pakistani Christians asylum seekers are linked to terror group Islamic State’s operatives in Thailand. In this regard, […]

  • Christmas celebrations: Christians in Chak Bethlehem in high spirits despite

    Christians residing in Chak Bethlehem, a village in Punjab celebrate Christmas with traditional zeal and fervency. According to details, Christians residing in Chak Bethlehem are busy celebrating Christmas with traditional zeal. In keeping with details, a tea from an NGO “Redemption Pakistan” visited Chak Bethlehem. During this visit the team met with a Christian resident […]