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  • Mardan: Deceitful notices render Christian families homeless

    Christian families rendered homeless by reason of deceitful orders issued by the Cantonment Board. About ten to fifteen families of Christians were forced to vacate their houses followed by two notices issued by the Cantonment Board. In line with details, the Cantonment Board in its first notice had maintained that the Christians must vacate the […]

  • Jhang: Christians consuming water contaminated with sewage

    Christian community residing in Jhang’s Christian Colony forced to drink water contaminated with sewage. Local Christians claim that contamination is deliberate and is a reprisal to nominating an independent candidate in the elections. The neighborhood is home to about 530 Christian families. A local Christian revealed to Minority Voice that in 1975, Father Bony Mandus […]

  • Gujranwala: Christians rant and rave over illegal seizure of graveyard

    Christians in Gujranwala express anger over illegal seizure of the burial land allotted to the Christian community before the creation of Pakistan. In this regard a rally was held by the local Christian community calling for immediate action against the perpetrators. Local Christians allege that locals by the name of Cheema Brothers have illegally seized […]

  • Thailand: A Pakistani Christian woman dies in detention center

    A Pakistani Christian woman seeking asylum in Thailand expires in the detention center owing to pathetic conditions in the detention center. According to details, 30-year old, Pakistani Christian woman Samina, who had fled persecution in Pakistan and reached Thailand in pursuit of asylum passes away while in detention. Samina was arrested by the Thai authorities […]