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  • Pakistani Christian Youth Security Force Keen To Protect Churches

    A team of young Pakistani Christians have committed themselves for the protection of churches and places of worship following the terrorist attacks on churches and Christian institutes recently. Terrorism, extortion, religious extremism, first the All Saints Church Peshawar attack and then the twin blasts in Youhanabad is what motivated this young group of men to […]

  • Are Christians Of Pakistan Living in The Pakistan Jinnah Created?

    Numerous cases of the desecration of the Holy Quran have surfaced in recent time. The blame always lands on the Christian of Pakistan. The background of Christians residing in Pakistan is diverse. On top of that they contribute tirelessly to the major health care sector as nurses and to the education sector as teachers. Under […]

  • There is Persecution, But No Prosecution for Pakistani Christians

    The problems Pakistani Christians face has become so serious that religious minorities are fleeing the country in droves. As many as 10,000 Pakistani Christians (but official United Nations’ figures say 4,000) are now believed to be living “under the radar” in Thailand, fending off arrest by Thai police for illegal entry as they cling to […]

  • British Government Urged to Stand Up For Pakistani Christians

    The Catholic Church in England and Wales has urged the British Government to “make strong representations” to Pakistan about the need to protect its minorities from persecution. Bishop Declan Lang of Clifton, chairman of the bishops’ Department for International Affairs, referred to recent “mob attacks” against Christians in Sandha, saying they showed “life is only […]

  • Pakistani Christians Demand Rights To Visit Israel

    God’s Peoples Fellowship of Pakistan (GPFP), a Karachi-based Christian organization, which seeks diplomatic ties with Israel, staged a protest on Sunday outside the Karachi press club to demand the lifting of the travel ban on Christian Pakistanis to Israel. There are no formal diplomatic ties between the two countries and Pakistan forbids its citizens from […]

  • Government Steps Up Protection Of Minorities

    The government has taken effective measures for protecting the rights of minorities and their religious places in line with father of nation’s vision of a tolerant and democratic Pakistan said Minister of the State for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pir Aminul Hasnat. Aminul Hasnat said that to monitor measures for the minorities, the government […]

  • The Ordeal of Pakistani Asylum Seekers in Thailand Continues

    More than 4000 Pakistani Christians who fled to Thailand to seek refuge are now facing arrests, deportation and the status of illegal immigrants. After arrival in Bangkok, on tourist visas, and immediately making an application for asylum as a persecuted Christian, people are issued the “person of concern card”. Interview hearings have been scheduled for […]

  • Christian Demand Change in Divorce Law

    Representatives of Pakistan Christian National Party criticized the current Christian Divorce Law in Pakistan due to its restricted criteria for divorce, which allows divorce to Christian spouses only in case of adultery. Furthermore, the party representing Pakistan’s Christian minority required a separate law of inheritance permitting Christian female inheritors an equal share in property. The […]