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Minority report: A matter of faith

Minority report: A matter of faith     KARACHI: As he cites the example of that case that happened in 2008 when two young… more »

News Christians forced to convert to Islam

Netherlands Hears Petition To Grant Pakistani Christians Special Status

This week members of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) were in the Netherlands to ask for enhancing attempts to guard persecuted Christians… more »

News every religion must be respected and its space must be given

Targeting Of Religious Minorities: Forgetting Pakistan’s Constitution.

Targeting of religious minorities in Pakistan is still a painful point. Since Pew Research Center report named Pakistan, which is 96 percent Muslim,… more »

Articles blasphemy law weapon against minorities

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Became Easy Route For Christian Harassment.

Forged allegation of blasphemy, forced marriages, and social opposition are problems faced by Christians in Pakistan. In Pakistan many view non-Muslims as an… more »

News Shahtaj and Rukhmir

Christian Children Rescued From Religious Discrimination

ISLAMABAD: Christian children facing discrimination and immense pressure from their teachers at school because of their faith rescued by an International organization. In… more »

News Phillip Anwar- owner of saloon

A Christian Man Threatened And Harassed By Land Mafia

ISLAMABAD: A Christian man beseeches for protection against harassment and life threats from his rivals.  In line with details, Phillip Anwar, a Christian… more »

News Victimized Farah

A Gang of Lewd Boys Attack A Pakistani Christian Girl

LAHORE: A Christian girl attacked by a gang of lewd boys; suffers serious injuries. According to details, Farah a Christian girl had an… more »

News Sumandari- pastor under threat

A Pastor and Church Under Threats In Samundari

FAISALABAD: Pastor and Church demands protection from the Government machinery. Pastor Kenneth Peter L. Dean from Universal Church of Gospels of Pakistan appeals… more »

News Family of Ishaq Masih

Family Of Allegedly Murdered Christian Landowner Awaiting Justice

OKARA: The family of a Christian landowner brutally murdered still awaiting justice.     In line with details, the mourning family of Ishaq… more »

News Muslim convert to Christianity facing death threats

A Muslim Sister Begs For the Life Of Her Christian Sister

LAHORE: A Muslim sister pleads for the life of her Christian sister. In consistency with the details, a Muslim woman named Sumbal Shahid… more »