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  • Landlord rabidly bashes 60-Years-old Christian domestic worker

    60-years-old Pakistani Christian woman was hysterically beaten by a landlord when she quit working at his house. The alleged persecutor namely Muhammad Afzal had employed Christian woman Bashira Bibi for domestic work, but after some time she left which incensed the landlord who later punished her by inflicting excruciating wounds. Bashira Bibi, resident of Chak […]

  • Chiniot: Graveyard belonging to Christians expropriate by locals

    In consonance with details, a graveyard belonging to Christians in the Chanab Nagar- a town, in District Chiniot in Punjab province; has been seized by Ahmedis residing in the town. Followed by the expropriation of the graveyard’ land, the local Christians strongly protested against the act which landed them into deeper trouble. The Ahmedis who […]