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  • World Summit to be Held in Moscow in Defense of Persecuted Christians

    The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Russian Orthodox Church will be hosting a summit on religious persecution in Moscow, the Rev. Franklin Graham announced today. “I was in Russia this past October and met with Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, and evangelical leaders, and we discussed at length the persecution […]

  • Suffering Church Action Week

    ISLAMABAD: Barnabas Fund is urging Churches around the world to support Christian children in persecuting countries of the world.     Barnabas Fund is asking the Church to come together around Christian children who are growing up in such parts of the world that are antagonistic to Christianity; where they are counted as a part […]

  • Pray For Those Who Persecute You!

    Thirty days of prayers for those who persecute and those who are being persecuted in the Muslim world for Christ’s sake.     Open Doors – a registered charity in United Kingdom and Ireland which strives for the persecuted Christians all over the world has called Christians across the globe to pray for the Muslims […]

  • Gender-Based Violence on Rise in Pakistan

    Gender-Based Violence on Rise in Pakistan

    The outlook of gender-based violence, in relation to persecution of Christians in Muslim lands is an ever challenging subject because of several factors, some of them being:   The unavailability of statistical information The silence of the victims The severity of the abuses, which are sometimes lethal.       Cumulative reports, of gender based […]

  • 100,000 Christians Are Being Killed Annually For Their Faith’s Sake

    100,000 Christians Are Being Killed Annually For Their Faith’s Sake

    VATICAN: An overwhelming 100,000 Christians are killed yearly because of their faith, with an ever increasing rise in violence against Christians in Muslim countries like, Pakistan, Nigeria and Egypt.     According to the Vatican, 100,000 Christians are killed annually because of their faith, where Several Human Rights groups claim such anti-Christian violence is to […]

  • Khushpur: A Christian Village Under Attack

    Khushpur: A Christian Village Under Attack

    FAISALABAD: Another anti-Christian riot claims life of a Christian youth.     According to the details, a Christian rural community Khushpur of sub-district Samundari District Faisalabad met with an assault from Muslims on 19th of May, 2013.