Arif Rogers

  • Hallelujah Pakistani Gospel Band
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This album is themed to praise God. In each of these Masihi Geets, it feels like singer is fulfilled by Holy Spirit. His very first thoughts spellbind how he presents himself to Jesus for His sublimity. Masihi Geets are both in Urdu and Punjabi languages.

This is a set of classical tunes. He advises that everyone must carry their own cross to be succeeded. This album is not just praising but inspirational as well at the same time. These albums are full of Spirit of a believer who has accepted his Lord and wants to serve Him with his life. All Masihi geets are in a prospective of a noble Christian, who loves to serve Him and are not afraid of earthly temptations. For a believer Jesus is part of his heart and soul.

This collection of blissful harmonies is about common people. There is also a special one about New Year too. Few of these Masihi geets are about blood of Christ. His blood is sign of His eternal promise he made to us. For our deliverance He got pierced. His Holy Blood is price for our sins and freedom from evil. He showed us the heavenly path. His blood is alive. Everything happens when Holy blood cleanses. We got salvation from it. Some of these Masihi geets are also about thanksgiving to God. It has a sense of gratitude towards God. There can be no one who can love similarly like him.

Go ahead and feel blessed with the collection and welcome Jesus with open arms.