Aye Yehowa Yeri

Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever.

This album is hard work of Hammad Baily. This album has Masihi Geets about Jesus and His might. Masihi Geets in this album are in Urdu and Punjabi. Selection of music is quite matchless and immediately grabs attention. hammad-baily Hammad is a guitar player and its one of the most used musical instruments in these Masihi Geet background score. Title track of this album “Aye Yehowa Yeri” praises Jesus in a lovely fashion.

It elaborates Jesus as a provider and creator and no one could ever match Him. He takes out needy people from hardships which they are facing and never leave them alone but take care and look after them always. No one can be like Son of God. This album shows his affection towards Jesus over worldly things. For him there is only Jesus and himself as he leaves those materialistic things back to live and serve Him. For the praiser there is only Jesus and He lives in his heart.

There is a special Masihi Geet which is themed and tribute to Cavalry, the place where Jesus was crucified for our sins. Its title is “Bahtky huwaon ko rah”. Lyrics of this Masihi Geet are quite heart soothing. It explains the importance of the crucifixion and its impact. This album has a beautiful testimony of Hammad Baily. Masihi Geet “Kr tobha” is the most influencel one of this Jesus glorifying album. This Masihi Geet explains that if time passed and humans did not abjure from their sins they will face hard consequences as this time will never come back.

Let’s abjure from our sins and accept Jesus as our redeemer.

  • 1 – Into
  • 2 – Aye Yehowa Yeri
  • 3 – Mary Yesu Mashi ki sab Khubyan
  • 4 – Kar Tobha
  • 5 – Kia Kia Mary dil pa
  • 6 – Muhabat Ka Nagma
  • 7 – Aaj pada Hwy
  • 8 – Bahtky Huwaon ko Rah
  • 9 – Taanu Dunya kary Salam