Muhammad Ali and Ghulam Abbas Christians Songs-Shaam-E-Masih

This Masihi geet album is a collection of geets, Zaboors and traditional ghazals. It has praises of God in a traditional and cultural manner. In background scores only eastern musical instruments are used to keep its matchlessness confined. It’s a great effort from people who came together for these flawless pieces of music. There is poetry in honor of Jesus and encourage to adjourn sins. There beautiful lyrics fascinate a human’s feelings. The idea for lyrics is from both New Testament and Old Testament. Lyrics are both in Urdu and Punjabi. Every Masihi Geet displays the personality and events Jesus faced.

Their magical words give a great persona on Jesus’ personality. Masihi Geet “Chalo chaliye” is a beautiful track and elaborates the signification of crucifixion. It also elaborates few incidents of that night when He was taken imprison. Christ hugged death and prevail it to save humans. He is our master and He releases us from eternal sins. This album is a bundle to joy and realize what is present and absent in our lives.

These Masihi geet and zaboor presents a positivity of a believer’s heart and soul. His name is the superlative than each and every name of this word. His blood saves the wrongdoers. His love is same for each and everyone, as God give sun light and rain to sinners and pious similarly.. The Holy blood didn’t come from an animal but from the only living God.

  • 1 – Asi Yesu Dy Sapahi “Ghulam Abbas”
  • 2 – Chalo Chalya Aaj Duwa Dy Li “Muhammad Ali”
  • 3 – Jadu Badlan Ta Yesu Sada Awaya Ga “Ghulam Abbas”
  • 4 – Mary Chupny Di Tu He Jagha Aya Mary Khuda “Muhammad Ali”
  • 5 – Naam Jaapan Main Tara “Ghulam Abbas”
  • 6 – Rooh Paak Ki Sab Barktan “Muhammad Ali”
  • 7 – Tujhy Pa Kr Masiha Main Ny Kismat “Ghulam Abbas”
  • 8 – Yad Yahova Di Sab Karen Gay “Ghulam Abbas”
  • 9 – Yesu Cho , Yesu Cho, “Muhammad Ali”