Zubin Ernest

Psalm 4:1 “Answer me when I pray to you, my God who does what is right. Make things easier for me when I am in trouble. Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.”

Mari Duwa is first venture of young talented Christian singer Zubin Ernest. He is a Gospel singer and given his life to God to serve Him. In a young tender age he accepted Jesus as his savior and only Lord. Zubin Ernest captured hearts of many and is loved by people around the world. This young worshiper began singing when he was just 6 years old. Zubin praise the name of the Lord with his life and his voice. This Masihi geet album is about prayer and praises for Jesus. Music of this album is encouraging and full of youth. “Meri Duwa” is a collection of life changing Masihi Geets. All of these Masihi Geets praised to God for who is glorified. Zubin praise the name of the Lord with his life and his voice. This album worships God. Masihi Geet “Sab nammon say alla” is a beautiful Jesus praising Masihi Geet. As gospel it says that ‘there is no other name like Jesus’. This Masihi geet is a beautiful illustration of words of Gospel. Team of CIP pray that God give Zubin His special blessings, so he continue to serve Him.

As Psalm 145:18 says “The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him, to all who truly pray to him.” Let’s make prayer a part of our daily life and get close to God, our only Lord.