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10 million Bibles poured into China: Sponsoring ministry says it’s a miracle


Asia Harvest the sponsoring ministry which made the printing and distribution of 10 million Bibles in China. The ministry says it’s an enormous achievement, terming it a miracle. It is nothing short of supernatural occurrence the ministry stated. “This hasn’t been a human accomplishment, but a miracle from the Living God,” the ministry states in its online newsletter.

Bibles distribution in China

According to the statement, “From a human perspective, our ministry had no chance of producing significant numbers of Bibles….The Lord Jesus Himself decided to be our fundraiser.” The ministry further stated that support came from around the world, as a result of which the ministry was able to print and distribute 10 million Bibles across the country.

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“Instead of connecting us with a few large donors, the Lord chose to link us together with hundreds of normal believers throughout the world,” the ministry stated. A charity group China Harvest Director Gary Russell heaped praise over Asia Harvest for reaching a colossal goal of delivering 10 million Bibles to Christians in China.

“With great thanksgiving to God, I commend Asia Harvest and all of their supporters as they celebrate 10 million Bibles provided to the Church in China. China is a huge nation, and while we are thankful that millions now have access to Bibles, we grieve that many millions of believers are still unable to access God’s Word—not counting the hundreds of millions of potential seekers,” Russell added.

The ministry pledges to continue the service of printing and distribution of Bibles, unless every Christian gets his hands on a Bible of their own. According to USCIRF report 2016, “By some estimates, the number of cross removals and church demolitions totaled at least 1,500, and many who opposed these acts were arrested.”