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11 Pakistani Christian Nurses Drink Tea Laced With Poison During Ramadan


11 Pakistani Christians Nurses are living in civil hospital hostel and studying nursing as well try to killed by unknown person all student are from same badge and live in same hostel,

Christian Nurses under attack 29 july 2012 , Civil Hospital Karachi a group of  eleven Student nurses name

1 – Saba Bashir
2 – Serish Mukhtar
3 – Hina Yunis
4 – Sana Nelson
5 – Rita John
6 – Anila Awaiz
7 – Rooha Ash
8 – Rubi

On 29 july evening while studying they decide to make tea one of them went to make tea and gone to brought sugar at same time behind her disappearance some unknown person add some poison in tea , after having tea all girls start doing vomiting rapidly they have been transfer to operation theater .

Three student nurses are in very critical situation two are in ICU and one is on ventilator rest five is now in general ward. All nurses student were Christian and this not first time that nurses became victim in Pakistan before this incident also many Christian nurses has been try to kill. when we talk with one victim Serish mukhtar about this incident she politely said we are here to serve our country we do study and we do practicing also I don’t know why people try to kill us we don’t have any enemy here we are just student.

We talk with Chief Nursing Superintendent Mrs Nasreen Gill also about this incident she said FIR has been launched by unknown person and we are also investigating how this incident took place and we will do crystal clean investigation this can happen again also its very sad that how can someone do such cheap thing .

The local media of Pakistan is not exposing this news none of Pakistani channel show this news on any medium.

Student nurses and their families are waiting for justice in 2010 also one Christian nurse Magdalene ashraf was raped by doctor of the same hospital where student nurses Magdalene ashraf was studying nursing .

Today on 31st July 2012 a group of Christian community did a demonstration against the poisoning of Christian Nurses of Civil Hospital They appeal Pakistani government to provided protection to daughters of Eve.

Photography and report [email protected] Gill

Protest pictures are Here

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By Christians in Pakistan