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Men More Likely To Gossip Than Women


Men more likely to gossip than women – a survey reveals.


Men lore likely to gossip!
Men lore likely to gossip!


Disregard the belief that: Women are the biggest gossips- a new survey reveals that men are considerably more likely to gossip than women.

According to the survey: A fifth of those asked said they spent at least three hours a day gossiping – mainly at work – with the main topics including women colleagues and who is in line for promotion.

One in 10 men like to dish the dirt on other people, compared with 4% of women, while more men than women are guilty of spreading rumours, according to the poll.

Some 55% of men said they gossiped at work, compared with 46% of women whose top topics were family feuds, old school friends, fashion errors and what neighbours are like.

Among men the favourite subject is old school friends, then promotions, salaries, and finally their best friend’s conquest, the survey found.

David Sales, director of the Survey conducting organization said: its men who are more likely to gossip the day away, dispelling the myth that women are the only ones who like to spend hours chin wagging.


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