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17,500 Pakistani Children Became Victim of Sexual Abuse


The Kasur minor girl Zainab 7, became target of rape and later murdered was only a small part of a large and complex criminal business.

A report by Ministry of Human Rights, submitted in the National Assembly on Wednesday unveiled that 17,862 cases of child sexual abuse and harassment occurred in the country since 2013 to 2017.

17,500 Pakistani Children Became Victim of Sexual Abuse Since 2013

A government department which works in collaboration with a non government organization known as Sahil, revealed the suffering of the poor children.

The report calculated the figure which tells that 10,620 girls while 7,242 boys targeted for sexual assault within these four years.

The report also states that 13,267 First Information Reports (FIR) of child rape cases are reported in this time period while only in 112 cases declared the guilty person criminal. Only 25 of them were sentenced to death while 11 were life sentenced. In 10 cases the accused people were sentenced imprisonment for 25 years.

Child rights activist Saima Shah said that grim ratio of penalized rapists, shows that in Pakistan the law implementation is not giving attention to the child abuse cases.

Alaptagin Khan, Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School says that child rape is a serious issue which needs national attention and it is not limited to a particular area or a single criminal group. All of us have to accept the fact that our nation is failed in giving complete protection to our children’ future, he added.

As the National Assembly passed the “Criminal Law Bill 2017”, with the amendment, the report shared the figure of child abuse cases in Pakistan within previous four years, the following day.
The amended law purpose is to give severe punishment to the criminals who commit atrocious crimes like minor rape and pornography.

With the amended bill, every rapist will be punished for at least 14 years to 20 years with fine of at least one million rupees.

This amended bill was then passed to the MNA Mussarat Ahmed Zeb after the recent child abuse cases across the country.