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19 Year Old Pakistani Rohayl Varind Wins World Summit Youth Award


Born in a modest Muslim family in Pakistan, Rohayl began developing deep faith in the humanity and its diversity at a very raw age.

But more so, he was appalled by what humankind was going through, not just his own home country Pakistan, but in the world too. Corruption, inequality, lies, apathy, crimes, injustice and what not.

Although, Rohayl could’ve shut all those feelings out and lived like an average teenager, he didn’t. In fact, he let them flow out from a very young age of 14.

Today, Rohayl is a well known symbol of social justice to thousands across Pakistan. With high hopes and dreams, he intends to make Pakistan a country, the Quaid had envisaged.To achieve his goals, Rohayl had to face many enemies and hurdles but he was strongly determined to liberate his fellow Pakistanis from their miserable lives because of corruption, poverty and injustice that has crept into the roots of the country weakening its integrity.

It might be hard to believe owing to his numerous social events, fund raisers, campaigns and protests, he is just a 19 year old boy with a dream to change Pakistan!Moreover he also runs two non profit magazine as well.The sole purpose of the magazine is to portray Pakistani youth nationally and internationally.

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