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2 Christian Preachers Sentenced 8 Years Imprisonment In Iran


Eskandar Rezaei and Soroush Saraei were immured in Shiraz Iran, last year in July. On 28 Dec.2017 they were charged for “acting against national security”, for converting people to Christianity and holding house church services.

2 Christian Preachers Sentenced 8 Years Imprisonment In Iran

Saraei was a church priest in Shiraz. He was arrested in July with the blame of “forgery” as writing note to the students of Islamic studies to leave Islamic religion. First he was sent to intelligence headquarter of Iran but then sent to jail in Shiraz.

Last year on July 6, Rezaei was arrested on from his home in Lar, Iran. The officials impounded the several copies of New Testament from his home and sent him to Adel Aabad jail in Shiraz.
After a few months, both the evangelists got bail and set free. Later on December 28, each of them was sentenced to imprison for next 7 years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu closed violently his social media site when Iran’s foreign minister sent him greetings for Christmas. According to a Christian media report in response of Iran’s foreign minister Prime Minister Netanyahu said, Islamic government of Iran is a pretender since many Christians are being slaughtered for their faith in Iran.

His message is recorded on social media in which his reaction is shown that how he accused Iran for averred anguish of Christian believers. On the other hand they greet common people with Christmas wishes.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared his unity with ‘persecuted Christians’ in Iran. He also appealed to the Christian believers in the world to show solidarity with their Christian brothers around the globe.

While these two priests case was being argued in the court, a Christian woman, Zahra Norouzi Kashkouli was accused for “being a member of a group working against the system”. She was sentenced imprisonment for one year in Iran jail.

According to a Christian advocacy group, these pastors’ sentence case will be appealed in the court.