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2-day Qatar Conference Highlighted the plight of Arab Christians


A two-day conference has been held in Qatar to talk about the situation of Arab Christians and the dangers they are looking amid wars and clashes in the Middle East, amid which Christian populaces are evaluated to have drop down to three to four percent, down from 20 percent a century back. One of the finishes of the discussions was that another agreement should be made to guarantee social correspondence and peace between religious gatherings in the district.

A two-day conference has been held in Qatar to talk about the situation of Arab Christians

The point of ponder that about one hundred years prior, the fall of the Ottoman Empire and World War I introduced the best time of viciousness against Christians in the region. The genocide pursued by the Young Turks for the sake of patriotism, not religion, left no less than two million Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks dead. Almost all were Christian. Among the individuals who survived, a large number of the better instructed left for the West. Others settled in Iraq and Syria, where they were ensured by the military tyrants who pursued these frequently monetarily effective minorities.

From 1910 to 2010, the level of the Middle Eastern populace that was Christian — in nations like Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan — kept on declining; once 14 percent of the populace, Christians now makes up approximately 4 percent. (In Iran and Turkey, they’re everything except gone.)

In Lebanon, the main nation in the area where Christians hold huge political power, their numbers have contracted over the previous century, to 34 percent from 78 percent of the populace. Low birthrates have added to this decay, and unfriendly political conditions and monetary emergency. Dread is likewise a driver. The ascent of fanatic gatherings, and additionally the recognition that their groups are vanishing, makes individuals take off.