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2 Million Transgenders Rally In Sao Paolo, Mock Jesus Christ By Crucifying Man


Two million homosexuals came out on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The came out in a form of a rally and were expressing their hatred against God. While rallying across the streets of Sao Paolo, a transgender man was dressed up ad Jesus Christ, and beaten till he was badly bleeding.

The diabolic rally then crucified the man.

The spirit of anti-Christ had taken over them. This is a deranged aftermath of the recent legalization of same sex marriage in the United States. What these people are representing is nothing but an evil theology.

The recent decision of legalization is paving the way of hatred against Christianity. British Pastor Alan Clifford had recently sent out an email to the rally organizers which read,

“The planned route took us past the market and the City Hall. Shamelessly displaying the City Council’s decadence, a ‘rainbow’ drape stretched along the entire width of the building … On the balcony the lord mayor, resplendent in his ceremonial robes, waved to the crowd, supported by other members of the council. It was a truly shameful display of official support.”

The event was an unashamed carnival of perverted carnality. The email has been reported to the police and pastor Clifford is being investigated.