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20 suspects involved in lynching two men after Youhanabad blasts indicted by court



An Anti-Terrorism court has charged 20 suspects for playing part in violent rioting which was followed by lynching of two men.

According to details, on Wednesday, October 28, an Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore has incriminated some 20 suspects over charges of burning two men during mob violence after two bomb blasts in churches of Youhanabad. These 20 Christian men are believed to be involved in burning two Muslims whom they suspected of being terrorist allies. The two Muslim men who were lynched were identified as Hafiz Naeem and Babr Noman. These two were taken into custody by the agitated mob and were severally beaten. After beating them, they were set ablaze by mob in public.

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Shortly after the incident, police had arrested some 20 Christians who were allegedly accused of being involved in lynching both the Muslim men. On the other hand, there are still 41 Christians who were hooked by police on suspicion of involvement of lynching the two Muslims men. The 41 Christians suspected of being a part of the lynching are still behind the bars.

Durimg the hearing of the case, the Anti-Terrorism court judge Mohammad Qasim indicted the 20 Christians suspected in lynching two Muslims while further called for witnesses of the incident to be presented before the court at the next hearing. What is more, these 20 Christian suspects have denied these charges, as a result of which teh court has summoned witnesses from the prosecutors.

Police arrested most of these Christians from houses of their relatives where they were believed to hiding after the incident of lynching. Moreover, police identified these suspects using CCTV footages and still cameras on the spot. At this occasion, SSP stated that these suspects were hooked by the police only after facial recognition through NADRA’s data. He asserted that all of these suspects have been found guilty during the investigation.