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24 Pakistani Females Lost Spinal Fluid in Guise of Fake Scheme


According to the Hafizabad police, spinal fluid extraction cases are the cases of attempted murder and creating terror among the public.

According to the Hafizabad District Police Officer (DPO) Ghayas Gul the modern technology is being used in investigation of these cases. The polygraph test of the 2 alleged will be reported today.

24 Pakistani Females Lost Spinal Fluid in Guise of Fake Scheme

5 people are in police custody for carrying out this heinous crime.

The medical superintendent of Hafizabad District Headquarters Hospital told that marks of syringe are found in those 24 women and girls whose spinal fluid was extracted.

A report earlier said that bone marrow of the females was taken out while yet the exact information about the fluid nature is not certain.

On 12 February the so called medical group stopped working when the news spread that it is illegally to take out spinal fluid in the guise of medical checkup.

A girl’s father told police that spinal fluid was extracted from his daughter’s spine by some fake medical employees of a hospital who said that spinal fluid was necessary for medical checkup and they will provide some money which will help him for the 17 years victim girl’s dowry.

After the incident his daughter became very weak hence they consulted a nearby doctor who informed them about the extraction of the spinal fluid.

Then the victim’s father reported the police about the location where her daughter medical test was taken.
In Muhalla Bahawalpura the police raided the site and arrested the gang. They claimed from the DHQ hospital including a woman and 3 men.

Senior House Officer (SHO) Hafizabad said that the girl’s father was promised to provide him a dowry package by a government scheme in replacement of her medical test. And for this medical test spinal fluid was necessary.