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3 Brothers in Libya Crucified By ISIS


ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War
Islamic State militants in the group’s Libyan outpost of Derna have publicly crucified three brothers belonging to a local prominent family after one of the brothers was accused of supporting the Libyan government.

According to the Libya Herald, a photo circulated last week purporting to show three members of the Harir Al-Mansouri family being crucified near the group’s Islamic court in the Mediterranean coastal town of Derna, after they refused to turn over their brother, whom the group accused of supporting the Libyan National Army.

“They were possibly dead at the time,” the report indicated. “Islamic ‘crucifixion’ is a punishment used by some fundamentalists against those accused of warring against Islam, in which the dead bodies of those executed are left exposed for a number of days as a warning to others. It has been used by Islamists in Syria.”

Anti-ISIS activists have reported that the bodies were left out for public view for almost 5 hours.

The report adds that as many as eight members of the family, including two sisters, were killed when the militant group began a 12-hour bombardment on the family’s home when they refused to surrender their brother. The public crucifixion was supposed to serve as a warning to the town’s residents to not challenge the sovereignty and authority of ISIS.