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3 Nepalese Imprisoned For Preaching Christianity In India


Three Christians named as Indra Bahadur Tamad, Shukra Rai and Mekh Bahadur who were residents of Nepal reached at Shahjahanpur, India on Sunday. They began sharing the Christian religious literature. Then they returned to their residence which they hired temporarily because they wanted to stay there for some more time.

3 Nepalese Imprisoned For Preaching Christianity In India

On Wednesday during talking to a horde two Hindu men Ravi Prakash Dikshit and Vimal Pandey argued with them.

Later they made a complaint against those Nepalese impeached them for humiliating Hindu idols and gods. Hence they were arrested by the local police.

Other people who witnessed the situation said that those preachers were devoid. Mr A (whose name is hidden for security reason) said that every year these Nepalese evangelists come to India for preaching Christianity. They did not say anything against the Hindu gods. Such incident happened for the first time.

According to local authorities these preachers are imprisoned against promoting unyoked feeling for religion in a particular class by humiliating other religions. It is a crime in India since the police believed that those Nepalese were affiliated with the World Council of Churches and evangelizing Christian faith. The Nepal residents are jailed under IPC Section 295 A.

In India often evangelicals, pastors and common men are imprisoned and menaced for telling people about Christianity. In Northern India Uttar Pradesh, 7 pastors were arrested with the blame that they were forcefully trying to convert Hindus.

British Asian Christian Association London based charity, said that those preachers were arrested without any warrant. They denied bail. They have strong faith in God. They were just put behind the bars on Hindu Extremists impulse for sharing gospel and saving people souls, said Pastor Naresh.

Last year in November, two priests were severely beaten in Chhattisgarh state of India. The Hindu extremists made them to ask for forgiveness because they breached some local Hindus.