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30 Pakistani Christians confounded in Hong Kong



HONG KONG: At least thirty Pakistani Christians are perplexed as the government is reluctant to give them asylum.

Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Hong Kong
Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Hong Kong

According to the details, over five hundred agony petitioners and asylum seekers fixed a remonstration against the “zero percent acceptance”. This protest was structured under a non-profit, self-regulating, private organization known as “Vision First”. These suffering claimants revealed that many of them were hiding in Hong Kong for more than 10 years now however the government wishes to send them back to their countries where they are vulnerable to persecution.


A rough estimate reveals that there are almost over 4000 that are swaying for their hope, anticipating a safer future in a secure place and a life of freedom. In the midst of these over 4000 distressed, there are about 30 Pakistani Christians who had been successful somehow to escape maltreatment in Pakistan. Many of these 30 were harshly victimized, falsely accused of blasphemy, threatened by the government and religious extremist parties of Pakistan. They are immensely under pressure, harassed and anxious about the consequences of their possible deportation to Pakistan.


The crisis which the Christians are going through in Pakistan, has been discerned and observed by the international media along with the United Nations although they have been unsuccessful to impede injustice, fake accusations of blasphemy, killing, kidnapping and other such acts of violence against the Pakistani Christians thus far. In case that a Christian is targeted by Muslim extremist groups it becomes more or less not possible for that person to break away from. The victim can’t go to the police because police does not facilitate them other than always providing support to the extremists.


According to some sections of society, for the reason that the whole Muslim community considers that Christians are second class citizens and infidels for that reason they do not have not equal rights. This illusion causes Christians to seek security in different areas of the country, always preferring to go abroad and seek asylum bar it look as if there is no safe haven for them.


The 30 Pakistani Christians in Hong Kong have filed their appeals to the government of Hong Kong, requesting not to deport them back to Pakistan, but to guard them. Pakistani Christians are nonviolent, faithful and fine citizens. These desolated Pakistani Christians have also appealed to the international community, urging them to beseech the government of Hong Kong to safeguard the Christians from the violence they are facing in Pakistan.