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300 To Be Baptized on Easter Sunday in Texas, U.S.



300 people are to be baptised in a church in Texas on Easter Sunday.

Pastor Keion Henderson of the Lighthouse Church, Humble, Texas will baptize around 300 people on Easter Sunday this year which will be March 27, 2016

These people have dedicated their lives to Christ and as an act of profession of faith wish to be baptized and born of water and spirit. The new converts come from a variety of backgrounds, but are united in their salvation and desire to be baptized into Christ’s family.

Pastor Henderson expressed his hopes that the profession of faith through the baptisms will encourage others in the community to come to witness Christ’s power.

“Come and witness this great move of God in Humble, Texas,” he said. “We are humbled to serve Humble, Texas for such a time as this.”

“We are liberating men and women from the clutches of sin,” he added. “This is a new beginning. The gift of forgiveness and eternal life is available to all who would receive it.”

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The Lighthouse Church was founded in 2009 and has experienced exponential growth since then. It currently has 4,000 members.

Despite the extreme persecution of Christians throughout, Christianity has been growing slowly and steadily and more people are coming to Christ each day. Much of conversions have been seen in South Asia including China, Nepal, and Indonesia.