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3000 Christian Families Will Be Affected After Bulldozing Their Homes In Islamabad. J Salik


Dr. J Salik said that history is showing again itself and minorities are facing the identical troubles which they were facing before independence. The resolution against slums is odious conspiracy against minorities to make them homeless, he said. He said that it’s shameful that CDA is asking to the inhabitants of slums to go away from their home towns, CDA derision all the Pakistanis by giving such an unintelligent testimonial. These unfortunate people of slums, inhabit here for last four decades, and these homes are the only property they own. No one should think even for such sort of activity against slums, he said.

These people are living in very bad condition without having any facilities. J Salik

He further added that government has snatched their rights, Ministry, Funds, political rights and even have given Sanitation department on Contract, in which more than 98% workers are Christians and now they are snatching their shelters.

slums in islamabad
Christian neighborhoods in Pakistan’s capital faces demolition

He also said that this way more than 3000 Christian families will be affected in Islamabad. He said that Government has already illegally occupied Christian’s properties, he also highlighted the details of such properties hereunder: Rang Mahal Christian High School, St. Francis High School, Christian High School Sialkot Cant, Christian High School Daska Sialkot, Christian High School Sialkot city, Christian Girls High School Hajipura Sialkot city, Christian High School Bara pathar, Christian High School Wazirabad, Christian High School Martin pur, Mission High School Stunzabad, Dist Khanawal, ARP Mission High School 72/10-R Dist Multan, St. Vincent Model High School 133-6/16-L, Methodist Boys High School Stunzabad, C.M.R High School Okara, ARP Mission High School 148/9-C, ARP American Mission High School Sahiwal, Christian High School, Raja Bazar RWP, Christian High School, Gujarat, Mission Girls High School Gujarat, CMS High School Chak 462/6 B Lyallpur Faisalabad, St. Thomas High School Khushpur Faisalabad, Saint Albert High School Gojra (Lyallpur), CMS High School Chak 424/JB (Lyallpur), Gordon College Rawalpindi and Murray College Sialkot.