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41 Detained In Saudi Arabia For “Plotting To Celebrate Christmas”


An assemblage detained, in Saudi Arabia for allegedly “plotting to celebrate Christmas.”

41 Detained in AL-Jouf provice of Saudi Arabia allegedly, “plotting to celebrate Christmas”

In the Saudi province of Al-Jouf, the Saudi religious police, busted in a house, seizing more than 41 people for “plotting to celebrate Christmas” – police stated on Wednesday the 26th of December, 2012.

The Saudi religious police carries out sting operations in the country against inhabitants who angle for even the slightest violation of the country’s strict Religious Laws. This topical, raid is a one of this string.

It is believed that an Asian Diplomat hosted a party at his home. His guests included 41 Christians, in addition to two Saudi and Egyptian Muslims. This get-together was allegedly, claimed to be ” the Christmas celebration,” as the host and the two Muslim guests were found “severely intoxicated.

The detainees, were said to be referred to the respective authorities, however this remains ambiguous, that the detainees have been freed or not.