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45,000 Iraqi Christian refugees facing persecution in Turkey


Ensuing ISIS’s atrocities fleeing Iraqi Christians faced an out of the frying pan into the fire situation when they faced deprivation and persecution in villages and slums of Turkey. They are left high and dry, as they continue to face persecution by cynical Turkish people.

Iraqi Christians persecuted in Turkey

According to an estimate there are about 45,000 Iraqi Christians taking refuge in Turkey. These displaced refugees are ebbing as they still face hardships. In this regard further details were voiced by Juliana Taimorazy – President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. She pointed out that Christian refugees in Turkey have been advised not to disclose their faith or even wear crosses.

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She further revealed that these battered Christian refugees were eyeing for a better life in the United States where they would be essentially free to practice Christianity. Unfortunately, for them the U.S. State Department has shown no interest to help them settle in the U.S. or in any other safe country in Europe, she said.

All the more these refugees are directing their hopes towards the churches in the U.S. as the American government overlooks their plight. “There have been some churches that extended help, financial or prayer, but this is such a monumental situation that we need more churches to wake up,” she said.