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5% Quota For Minorities: Many Are Not Employed Just Because Of Their Christian faith


ISLAMABAD: Reserved share of seats for minorities in government jobs is still like a daydream for minorities in Pakistan.


Minorities ignored in 5% quota in govt  jobs
Minorities ignored in 5% quota in govt jobs

According to details, majority of the state offices in Pakistan do not meet with the requirement to reserve quota of 5% of government jobs to religious minorities. A Pakistani rights activist and lawyer claims that he has taken in hand cases of religious discrimination and non-observance of the quota, which is still in effect in Pakistan.

Four years have passed since the federal government approved a 5% job quota for non-Muslims in federal government services, however, the quota remains largely ignored.

 “There are court cases against public offices”, he told Fides, adding “many departments continue to violate this provision”. He went on to say, “Religious minorities in Pakistan are deeply disappointed by the lack of implementation of the provision. The law is not respected and applied because of prejudice and religious discrimination”. He now aims to initiate an awareness drive to create realization of this issue which is causing making the religious minorities in Pakistan pay.

Many, he says, “are not employed just because of their Christian faith”.

In May 2009, the federal cabinet had approved a fixed job quota for non-Muslims largely owing to the tireless efforts of late federal minister for minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti. However, government departments and ministries have a trifling number of non-Muslim staffers despite several years have passed.