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500th Anniversary of the year Martin Luther made his 95 Theses known to the world


This year marks 500 years since German Priest Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to a congregation door in the German city of Wittenberg, starting the Protestant Reformation.

500th anniversary of the year Martin Luther made his 95 Theses known to the world

Exactly on October 31, Martin Luther purportedly nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door of a German church, decrying the Catholic Church’s abusive sale of indulgences, or reprieves from punishment for sins. The monk’s dramatic announcement set in motion years of theological hurly-burly and bloody wars. It also led to the peak of Protestantism and its many distinct denominational traditions, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, over which Eaton presides as bishop.

On Sunday, Oct. 29, churches across the country celebrate Reformation Sunday to pay tribute to the anniversary of Luther’s action.

Luther’s theses, or purposes of  debate headed discussion, contended against different practices of the Roman Catholic Church and tended to issues in regards to salvation and works.

A major concentrate was on the liberalizes, a typical practice at the time which included giving something, as rule cash, to the Church as an end-result of getting pardoning.

While relations among Christians are far more peaceful today than they were 500 years ago.