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6 Year Old Pakistani Christian Girl Shot Dead Over Financial Issue


In Faisalabad a Christian family took Rs 40,000 on loan from Muslim group of money lenders on compound interest. They failed to pay back monthly interest amount in time therefore the Muslim with armed people attacked his home and killed a six years old girl.

Christian Six Year Old Girl Shot Dead Over Monetary Issue
To lend money on interest has shaped up an industry where Muslim money lenders give money to poor and needy people and on delay in payment harass and attack their clients or take their homes but law does not act against them.

Waris Masih was a Christian resident of Muhala Elahi-Abad street 20, Faisalabad, Punjab. He borrowed money on interest for some household affair. On November 28, 2017 Muslim feudal named Mohammad Ajmal Urf Mithu Cheema came to house of Waris Masih and demanded his money. Waris Masih requested for some more time for payment. On Warris’ request Mohammad Ajmal became furious and started firing from his pistol. Warris’ 6 years old daughter Sicilia Maerah, received bullet injury and died in hospital

The local Police (SHO) Ghulam Farid of Saddar Police Station, registered case against Muslim money lender but did not arrest him till filing this incident.