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7 Ways Your Smartphone Can Boost Your Spiritual Life


phone bible
Smart phones have become a staple in today’s life. We can barely do anything in our lives without our phones. Smart phones, due to their constant companion nature, can actually be used as a powerful way to enhance your spiritual life. To prove the point we’ve put together a list of seven different ways that your digital device can help you turn your eyes to things that are good.

1. The Bible App
Download the Bible App. It may sound obvious but sure is a handy tip. The Urdu bible is available for download on the CIP website. Along the Bible there are numerous reading plans which make it easy to follow a routine. Mark your favorite verses in the bible and they will be available to you within seconds.

2. Keep Journals
Keeping a spiritual journal or prayer diary can be a very helpful way to explore your relationship with God. Looking back over worries, prayer points, and moments of blessing or challenge can give us the longer view that is often obscured by the immediacy of life. Your phone is a perfect medium for this as you’ve always got it with you and there is a wealth of journaling apps available for Android and MAC.

3. Use Whats App for prayer groups and encouragement
Use this instant messaging service to boost your spiritual life. Create private groups and in these groups everyone contributes to the conversation and can read everyone’s responses. This is a great way to have an ongoing prayer support group where members ask for help, post encouragement for others, or just share verses they’ve read that are relevant for the group.

4. Prayer Prompts
We have all had times when we need prayers and have asked other to pray for us. We offer the old classic ‘I’ll be praying for you’. We then leave and promptly forget our intercessory promise. Well, it’s easy to fix. Every smart phone has a calendar app and a reminders app; simply create an entry straight after your conversation that will prompt you to pray at a time you know you’ll be free. It takes a few seconds, and avoids the embarrassed silence when the person sees you a week later

5. Read Christian Literature Online
We spend hours surfing the web. Why not do something constructive and browse the vastly available Christian literature rather than being hooked to social media. Read articles, sermons, and testimonies of people to reinforce your faith.

6. Listen to the Bible and other Christian books
While commuting, or when you listen to music, tune it to audible versions of the Bible and other Christian books. Online sermons of pastors across the globe can be downloaded and stored in your smart phone for listening.

7. Listen to Christian Music
Last but not the least, tune in to Christian hymns and psalms. It is free, downloadable and easily accessible online. It will also be a definite source of blessings and a good spiritual life.