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700 Christian Women Kidnapped Yearly, Forced Into Muslim Marriages In Pakistan


kiddnapped, converted, married
Girls of minorities faith are kidnapped, converted and married by influential.

A union of organizations, together with the Pakistani bishops’ justice and peace commission, has found in their study that approximately 700 Christian girls and women, and 300 Hindu girls and women, are kidnapped each year, who are forced to convert to religion Islam, and then are forced to enter into marriages with elite class Muslims.

According to the organizations’ report, it states, “Under the custody of the kidnapper, she may suffer sexual violence, forced prostitution, domestic abuse and beatings, if not human trafficking.”

Father James Channan, a Dominican who ministers in Lahore said that; “It is really very alarming and disturbing for Christians and Hindus, who feel very doubtful and defenseless. We have allocated directly with several cases of forced marriages: the young people belonging to poor social class and often rich Muslim landowners take advantage of such abuse. In Pakistan, it seems to me that Christians and Hindus suffer social, religious and political discrimination, which is getting worse.”


Till now in 2014 many such cases are reported to police, but they also don’t pay attention to these incidents and support kidnappers