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845,875 Nigerian Accepted Jesus Christ in their Lives


According to the CfaN ministry report the new converted Nigerian Christians who are now the followers and disciple of Christ are sent to 8,000 churches.

845,875 Nigerian Accepted Jesus Christ in their Lives

In November last year Bonnke shared gospel message with 1.7 million people in Lagos for five days.

The vice president of CfaN, Peter Vandenberg said that they have an advance investigation system. Many computers in this system record the data of thousands of calls received daily and enlist the new converted people. The newly converted people are welcomed by the pastors and churches which they will attend in future to hear Gospel and be the part of God’s Kingdom.

After the Sunday evangelism mass, thousands of new members for the church surrounded them said the vice president of CfaN.

Every Sunday the same situation revised with the arrival of many people to the Glory of God church.

According to CfaN evangelist Bonnke held the crusade in Nigeria in the year 2000 when 6 million people came to attend the crusade and only 3.4 million people embraced Christianity within five days.

Bonnke recalled that on the last day of crusade one million people accepted Christ in their lives.

Bonnke also introduced his new book with the title Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof?”

Moreover he said, “If Jesus can save a million in a meeting, it will take less than one year to get America saved!”

Bonnke was born in German. He established Christ for all Nations (CfaN) in 1974. Yet more than 77 million people became followers of Jesus Christ.

He says that only with the blessing and anointing of Holy Spirit this revival is possible. The Great Commission and Holy Spirit alone are like power without any purpose or vice versa.

Bonnke’s successor Daniel Kolenda is the CEO of CfaN who brought many people to the Christ in Africa.

Bonnke told that Kolenda made 20 million people Jesus followers.

This 78 years old evangelist Bonnke announced that he will not stop preaching while many thought that his crusade in Nigeria was his last crusade.

He is confronting some health challenges due to old age but still enthusiasts for serving the Lord and ready to go wherever God will take him.