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90% Christians In Pakistan Favor UN Refugee Status


A strikingly, soaring percentage of Pakistani Christians, give their assent to Refugee Status, from the UN- apprehensive by the intensifying violence on religious grounds.


United Nations Refugee Status

Mr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of the Pakistan Christian Congress, acquaints us with this gross reality; by making public an email from one of his facebook friends. He went on to unveil that; he had never known or met the sender in person. This unfamiliar sender wrote in Roman-Urdu, which is presented as it is:


“Dear Brother, Aj kal ki jo situation ha pakistan mein Christians ki wo sab achhi tarah jantay hein. I humbly requested you to please try to take step on this way> I know its not easy , But nothing is impossible: * You all Christian NGO’s and Religious Leaders , Ap sab mil ke Christian countries ko request karein k wo ham sab ko pakistan se nikal le jaein. for e.g Italy, Denmark, Austrailia, New ZeaLand, Canada and so many other coutries can accommodate us. as you people are trying to get a separate province in punjab, I think instead of this moving from there is an easy and permanant solution. so please think on this. May Christ bless to all of Us”


When translated in English, and abridged, it simply says that the Christian Leaders of Pakistan and the Civil Society should make known the subject of increasing insecurity of Christians in Pakistan; attributable to the escalating religious antagonism in the country to International forums. Further more, the concern should be raised with the UN, and the western countries should be urged to give refuge to Pakistani Christians.


He goes on to reveal that 90% of Christians in Pakistan give their consent to being a refugee in any foreign county.