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A 10-year-old Christian girl raped after abduction, victim and family left high and dry


A 10-year-old Christian girl is in the pickle after being raped by influential men who are threatening her family of dire consequences if their name is associated with the incident. The incident took place in a village of Punjab (exact location not to be disclosed) where the victim was abducted by fundamentalists who subjected her to sexual abuse.

Persecution of Christians girls in Pakistan

After the assault, the culprits threw 10-year-old victim Julia(her real name is withheld) in an unconscious state in a field, from where she was spotted. The victim’s family claims that Julia was abducted and despoiled by fundamentalists who are threatening them to avoid taking their names in front of police. Moreover, the culprits have tried to torch her house in order to silence the poor Christian family by means of harassment.

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Furthermore, the criminals are threatening the Christian family of death in case they name them in the FIR. The tattered Christian family if left in the lurch as there are no means of help in the midst of growing threatening situation and every day’ harassment from the perpetrators. In the face of this, the poor family fears for their lives.