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A 12-Year-Old Pakistani Christian Girl Sold By Her Brothers To A Muslim Who Repeatedly Raped Her


12-year-old-Christian girl sold to a Muslim

LAHORE: A 12-year-old, Christian girl was sold to a Muslim and repeatedly raped.

According to details, Tarfa Younis a 12-year-old Pakistani Christian orphan girl was sold to a Muslim man. The man who bought her is identified as 55-year-old, Bashir, who repeatedly raped Tarfa.

The case was highlighted by a Pakistani NGO, “The Voice.” The founder and director of the organisations said, “The practice of raping and forcing Christian girls into marriage continues in Punjab, especially in suburban areas”.

The victimized Christian girl is leading a life of an orphan since 2005, and was consequently given in custody to her two older brothers Shamaun and Asif. About a year ago, Shamaun and Asif sold Tarfa, their sister to Bashir.

After Tarfa was sold and handed over to Bashir, he acquired a fake marriage certificate and afterwards raped the innocent girl on regular basis. After sometime, Bashir’s nephew identified as Arshad also began raping her. All the while Tarfa was held forcefully and beaten regularly.

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Nevertheless, one day Tarfa managed to escape their custody with the help of a passer-by. The girl after escaping from Bashir’s house reached the home of an uncle, who is brother of her deceased father. Her uncle, subsequently, reported the case to the police.

At this moment Tarfa is in the safe custody of local social services while “The Voice” organisation is carefully observing her case and wishes to provide her all possible legal assistance. As a result of the complaint filed by her uncle, Bashir and his nephew Arshad have been arrested. Moreover, Tarfa’s brothers, Shamaun and Asif have gone in hiding and have disappeared, but are wanted by the police.