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A 14-year-old Hindu hacked to death over communal rivalry in a Sindh village


A 14-year-old, Hindu minor was hacked to death over communal rivalry in a Sindh village on June 14. The minor victim was identified as Vijesh Kohli son of Sonu Kohli was attacked at around 6 am, by the members of Chandiyo clan.

Hindus in Pakistan persecuted

Vijesh who was son of a poor farmer worked as farmer himself was attacked in his fields. On June 14, when he left home as a routine matter and arrived at his fields, the Chandiyo clan members set an ambush and attacked him with daggers and knives leaving him critically wounded. The lad could not survive and succumbed to his injuries.

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The incident took place in Tando Ghulam Haider, a small village of Tando Muhammad Khan District in southern-Sindh. Soon after the news of Vijesh’ murder was brought to his family by a passer-by; and the family were left in deep shock and trauma. They rushed to the spot and found Vijesh’ dead body.

The Kohli community in the area is enraged, over the murder and put forward a demand of justice for the victim. The Kohli clan demanded that the culprits be hooked by the police and tired under due legal charges. The Hindu community whines over the increased attacks on the Hindus, they claim that existence of Hindu population predates, Pakistan. They demand equal rights for themselves, even the basic rights as citizens of Pakistan.