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A 25-Year-Old Woman Set On Fire By Husband And Father-In-Law


woman burnt alive by husband

A 25-year-old woman set on fire by her husband and father-in-law after she went to see her sister without their permission.

According to media report, 25-year-old Shabana Bibi was brutally attacked by her husband and father-in-law as punishment of visiting her sister without their permission. The victims could not survive and succumbed to death.

Shabana who was resident of Muzaffargarh district of Pakistan, was beaten by her infuriated husband and father-in-law for leaving one night to visit her sister without obtaining permission from her vicious husband.

Shabana’s husband and father-in-law set her on fire while she was severely wounded and later on was taken to a local hospital in a critical condition. However, she could not survive the attack. According to doctors Shabana’s body was 80% burnt when she was brought to the hospital.

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The alleged culprits, Shabana’s husband Muhammad Siddique and Pir Bakhsh her father-in-law were both arrested and charged with murder and terrorism. Shabana’s brother, on the hand has threatened extreme action outside of the local police station if he doesn’t get justice for his sister’s brutal killing.

According to Muhammad Azam, brother of deceased Shabana, Saddique had been brutally beating her since three years and had previously sustained severe injuries consequently. Siddique beat her because he was distressed that the couple couldn’t produce children.

Nevertheless, Azam says, ”Police won’t release the official crime report,” he threatened, “I would set myself on fire in front of the office of the district police chief if I did not get justice.”